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Movie director Steven Spielberg

The following is an exclusive interview with the legendary Steven Spielberg, the iconic film maker responsible for creating Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Indiana Jones, ET The Extraterrestrial, Jurassic Park, War of the Worlds and many other highly successful motion pictures. Steven Spielberg informs Indy fans exactly what is happening with Indy 5 including its production future

Indy 5 - Given it took nearly two decades for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to be completed, you can see why many Indy fans rightfully believe it could be ten years or more before Indy 5 is in multiplexes worldwide

Steven Spielberg - Working on Indy 4 was a unique situation. I was in the middle of raising a rather large family with many children after The Last Crusade ended in May 1989. I had already done three Indy movies and didn't see any need to make any more until I had a chance to raise my family and spend as much time with them as I could. The only reason we did Indy 4 was because George claimed he had a great story, which needed to be made.

Indy 5 - So whose genius idea to have aliens extraterrestrials or interdimensional entities as the main focus of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ? ? ?

Steven Spielberg - It was all George. Harrison was especially against having little green men in an Indy movie because we had worked on a rough draft script called Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men From Mars. It didn't seem like real Indy to me.

Indy 5 - But George Lucas really wanted the mystical paranormal angle of extraterrestrials. George's ideas were based in the ancient aliens theory whereby the extraterrestrials visit Earth as ancient astronauts in the deep past.

Steven Spielberg - Exactly. George is convinced there is much truth to this UFO hypothesis.

Indy 5 - Can I ask how strange or bizarre the plot script idea for Indy 5 is gonna be?

Steven Spielberg - The only thing more absurd, ridiculous and far fetched than extraterrestrials is the end times of the final apocalypse from the Book of Revelation.

Indy 5 - You mean Indy is actually going to have to battle supernatural spirits, who are trying to bring about the final battle between good vs. evil.

Steven Spielberg - The primary religious or historical object Indy is searching for in Indy 5 is the cross, which the Roman Empire utilized to crucify Jesus Christ. After the crucifixion for strange unexplained reasons, several of the Disciples seized the holy cross and sought to hide it in a very secure location.

Indy 5 - So what happens to the cross over the last 2,000 years?

Steven Spielberg - It was safely hidden by the Apostles of Christ in the legendary caves of Romania. Eventually, the Chinese military discovers ancient clues, which seem to indicate that the holy cross of the crucifixion has infinite and unlimited supernatural power, which will make the possessor of this cross invincible on Earth. The Chinese spend enormous resources trying to track down where the cross finally ended up.

Indy 5 - What is the time setting of Indy 5?

Steven Spielberg - Early 1960's. The Chinese actually capture Indy and Mutt while they are searching for the lost burial tomb of Genghis Khan

Indy 5 - What happens if the Chinese get the holy cross? What can they do with it?

Steven Spielberg - Theoretically, with infinite supernatural power under their control, they could easily conquer the entire world. The rest of Humanity would have no defense against divine supernatural powers.

Indy 5 - Do we get to see Sallah ?

Steven Spielberg - That's up to George. Sallah is a great character.

Indy 5 - Any former girlfriends going to come back into Indy's life?

Steven Spielberg - That idea has potential and could be worked into the story for Indy 5

Indy 5 - Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions we hope it doesn't take another twenty years to get Indy 5 finished. It's a privilege to speak to one of the most gifted film makers of any generation.

Steven Spielberg - I really do enjoy creating new movies even though I'm becoming so old. We'll speak again when progress begins to take shape for the production of Indy 5.

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Indiana Jones 4 and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull : Indy 5 : Indiana Jones 5 News Info : Indiana Jones 5 Trailer : Indy 6 : Indiana Jones 7 : Indiana Jones 5 Script Summary Spoilers : Top Secret Indy Hidden Equation : History of Indiana Jones : Indiana Jones 6 Story Spoilers

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Indy 5 opens in Mongolia in Asia where Indy and Mutt Williams are searching for the hidden burial tomb of the once great Genghis Khan. However, after many days of difficult work, Indy finds the entrance to the tomb and discovers one of the most lucrative archaeological finds in world history. Yet the Chinese have been watching Indy and Mutt. The Chinese military raids Indy's encampment and everybody is taken prisoner by the Chinese

At a secret Chinese military base, the Chinese are researching clues, which seem to indicate the holy cross utilized by the Roman Empire to crucify Jesus Christ was hidden by the Disciples and it still exists today. Before the Chinese can get an opinion from Indy on this matter, the British military raids the Chinese facility and takes Indy and Mutt back to London, England.

It will be a battle of wits between Indy vs. the Chinese with complete and utter world domination forever at stake.